Mi translation services:


I am working as a certified translator for the language pair Spanish – German. In addition to non-technical texts of a common language, I also do translations from the following disciplines: Urkunden und Zeugnisse

  • Application letters and CVs
  • Commercial letters
  • Economical texts
  • Texts about tourism and travel
  • Humanistic texts
  • Texts from political sciences


As I am sworn-in by the regional court of Stuttgart, I am able to offer certified translations of personal documents for official purposes.

Mainly I am working as a translator for written texts, but if you are in need, I am also able to assist you as an interpreter for public services and authorities or to accompany you to a doctor’s appointment (Spanish-German).

You need assistance with a translation from another specialty? – As I am a person of many interests and am able to think and work interdisciplinary, I enjoy getting familiar with new thematic areas. Please feel free to get in contact with me and tell me about your project!


Promise of quality

Before and during my work as a translator, I was able to gain a lot of experiences in both languages and cultural areas. Furthermore, I consider life a neverending journey of studies, To keep me up to date about translation-related topics, I am a member of the professional association of translators in Germany (BDÜ).

To be able to always offer translations that are stylistically elaborated, I adhere to the so-called „principle of the mother-tongue“, that postulates that any translator should only translate to his own mother tongue. With this in mind, I am glad to offer translations from Spanish to German. If you need a translation from German to Spanish, I will process your translation in cooperation with a native translator of my network.

Data protection is very important to me and your order and your documents will of course always be treated with the utmost confidentiality.



No text compares to another, every text has its particularities and its personality. That’s why it is not possible to work with one single price for all translations. The price of a translation depends, amongst others, of its professional level, the length of the text and the due date.


That’s why I am not able to indicate any general fee for my translations. The price of every project will be calculated individually. The following parameters might be kind of orientation regarding the final prices:

  • The basis of calculations for all of my translations is the standard line (Normzeile) or the original text. According to the German DIN standard, a standard line consists of 55 characters (space characters included).
  • The prices for a standard line are based on the fees recommended by the German Judicial Remuneration and Allowances Act (JVEG). Those fees vary from 1,55 € to 2,05 € per standard line.
  • Minimum charge: 50 €


The following factors might also influence the fee for a translation:

  • The file format: Some file formats, such as PDF files, graphics or photos lead to a significant formatting work for the translator. Depending on the file I receive and the time needed to convert into an editable file format, I will add a surch­arge of at least 10 %. Whenever possible, please provide me with your texts in Word format or another editable file format.
  • The due date: An additional surch­arge will apply for urgent translations or orders that require „out-of-hours“ work to be delivered in time.
  • The purpose: A trans­la­tion nee­ded for inter­nal use and for comprehension pur­po­ses only is chea­per to translate, than a text intended for publication or a certified translation of personal documents. If the final text needs to be proo­fread by a native speaking col­lea­gue, this extra work will be charged additionally.


The process of hiring:

I will gladly provide you with an individual quote if you send me the text to know more about the length and the level of complexity of the document. The most efficient way to do so is by sending a copy of the text to my email address Please also indicate the required delivery date. I will get back to you with a non-binding offer as soon as possible.

If you agree with the offer, please send me a short confirmation of purchase by email. As soon as I receive your confirmation, I will start working on your translation.

The final translation will be sent to you by email or – if you want – by mail. Certified translations can only be sent by mail or will be ready for pick up at the translation office because you will need the original translation with the original stamp and signature of the translator. 

You might pay your bill either by bank transfer or by PayPal. You will find all the information needed for the bank transfer on the bill.  

If you do not agree with the offer, please also get in contact with me to renegotiate the offer and find an acceptable solution for both sides.


Looking forward to hearing from you!