How can I help you?

Orientation tour:

Where will this journey take you? I will show you around in the area and you will get a first impression of your new home so that you are better off taking the decision of where you would like to live, how long you are willing to commute, where shopping and free-time activities are available. In short: you will learn which new environment is expecting you!


  • Individual planning of your orientation tour regarding your personal requirements and needs
  • Guided tour through your new home area to get familiar with the local conditions (for example shopping facilities, public transport etc.)
  • Overall information about living in Germany, home search and about daycare and schooling




Together we will find your new home! For this purpose I will provide you with an overview of the local rental market, I will accompany you to see possible accommodations and guide you through the lease negotiations and handover of your new home.


  • Define the individual requirements and needs for the new home
  • General information about the local rental market and pre-selection of suitable accommodations
  • Assistance with the negotiations of the terms and conditions of your rental lease (advisory support and explanation of the contract; please be aware that I am not allowed to provide any legal advice!)
  • Support with the handover of the property including a handover protocol
  • Setup with the supply companies for, for example, electricity, gas, water, and garbage
  • If needed: Organisation of a suitable temporary housing



Formalities and Authorities:

Any move, don't mind if to or within Germany, involves a bunch of formalities and visits to local authorities. I will do those formalities for you or will accompany you at the authorities, to speed up and smoothen those tiresome duties as much as possible.


  • Registration at the local town hall
  • Application of your personal tax ID; if needed: change of tax class
  • Opening of a bank account
  • Conversion of drivers licenses, registration of private cars and issuing of an emission sticker
  • Application, collection or extension of work and/or residence permits
  • Application of child benefit
  • Address updates at insurance companies, banks etc..




Relocation with your family is much of a challenge to ensure that all family members are feeling comfortable from the very beginning. You might already wonder how daycare and schools are organized in Germany or which institutions are appropriate or close tot he new home. I will support you with the search of schools and kindergartens as well as with the setup of free time activities and sports clubs.


  • General information about the German educational system
  • Finding the right school for your children and guide you through the registration process
  • Information about doctors, insurances or shopping facilities in your new home area
  • Organization of suitable German classes
  • Set up of free time activities, registration at local sports clubs or information about cultural  offers
  • Support in organizing Babysitters and child care etc.

Departure service:

The journey continues! To give you enough time to say goodbye to your temporary home and to look forward to your new stage of life, I will take over all the necessary formalities and preparations for your departure. And if you are already away, I am still here and take care of the „leftovers“.


  • Cancellation of your lease contract
  • Search for next tenants
  • Returning the property to the landlord (including a hand over protocol); if needed: organization of necessary renovation works
  • Deregistration at the supply agencies (electricity, gas, water, phone, internet etc.)
  • Set up of a mail forwarding service
  • Deregistration at the local town hall
  • Cancellation of insurances, bank accounts, child allowance, memberships etc..
  • Monitoring oft he repayment of your deposit and checking of your final utility bill

Please, contact me by mail to for a non-binding offered, tailored to your individual needs and requirements.


I am looking forward to hearing from you!