Intercultural Communications

To be honest, cross-cultural communication has always been part of my personal life. I grew up as a member of a German, as well as Ecuadorian family. And both families have always been open-minded, cosmopolitans and open for any cultural diversity: today our family members have their roots or live in 15 different countries throughout the world. This makes any communication within the family, at the same time, kind of cross-cultural communication.


In addition to this familiar background, I learned a lot about Latin American culture during my studies of Latin American Sciences and gained personal experience while living, working and traveling through Ecuador for 8 months. Since 2013 I am working as a relocation consultant helping expats from all over the world to settle down in Germany. This day to day work with diverse people and their different cultural backgrounds showed me – more than ever – which cultural characteristics are “typically Germany” and where cultural misunderstandings might arise from.


I would love to develop new ideas with you, how to utilize this cultural knowledge to help you with your projects or personal situation. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any question, suggestion or request. You can get in contact with me by email to


Looking forward to hearing from you!